Bus Timetables, books, magazines and ephemera

More timetables for sale added (October 2016) to the sales lists on the website, including operators such as Lincolnshire RCC, Western/Southern National, Bristol, East Kent, M&D and many others.

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Surplus sales of timetables, books and other bus related material are now available to all; members and non-members. 

There are now three ways you can buy this material.

1.  When  surplus material is identified, it will first be listed in the OSMART sales catalogue, produced roughly once a quarter.

2.  Timetables and other items which have not sold in the OSMART catalogue are listed on another page in this website - click here for more information.

3. We also list surplus timetables on Ebay, and surplus books on Amazon. 



Below you will find a list of downloadable OSMART pdf links.